The Son of Man

The Son of Man

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Son of Man

Welcome to The Son of Man Blog!

   Hello cool reader! Welcome to Euromerica: the land of the Rickies and Mums where Todd and Maria conduct their never ending battle against the empire of the evil Signo Vinces. (A little inside info for those of you who have only read the first book in the series: Rickies= AmeRICan refugees, Mums=Mormon militia and Euromerica, well, you'll just have to wait on that one.)
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   Book 4: The Son of Man 4, Joshua

   Yes, there will be a book four, but it will begin an entirely new and separate chapter in the Son of Man series. The story will center on Joshua some thirty years after the end of The Heylik.
   Of Course, Todd and Maria will be there, but in what capacity? Remember, they are now close to sixty years old.
   What part will The Heylik play? Both Lylya and Hyrum are now just under forty years old.
   What will be the state of the Euromerican Union?
   With Todd and Maria nearing their sixties, who will be the protagonist? (main good guy)

   May I introduce to you, Lou Riley, twenty-year-old son of Doctor Todd and UM Representative Maria Riley. I think everyone who has finished The Son of Man 3, The Heylik, already knows who the antagonist is.(main bad guy)
  Will Brother Michael return? How about Will, and who the heck is he anyway?

  These are the very things we will be discussing as the fourth book in the series spills out of my head and into my word processor.

   As always, thank you for supporting the books and being a part of the continuing Son of Man story.
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CW Johnson

The Son of Man 2, Elders of Zion

The Son of Man 3, The Heylik


  1. Will there be an audio version of Som of Man 3? I'd happily pay for that version, as I've gotten so used to hearing the characters through your voice.

  2. I'm working on that, Geoff. It will go to Podiobooks once it's finishes. Also, book 4 is well on its way!

  3. Following the week of dreams the entire nation of Islam was in an uproar; particularly the extremist and fundamentalists within the faithful. But who could possibly question the message given to every Imam, every Mullah, every Islamic world leader who inexplicably received the same recurring dream—on the same three recurring nights? Who could have imagined that the long awaited 12th Imam-- the great Mahdi-- Al-Muntathar himself, would not be a man at all but a mere woman; a reclusive Chechen refugee living in Euromerica's Washington DC? And what could possibly be behind her stormy relationship with the hardnosed, fierce, self proclaimed prophet of Israel, Hyrum Smith?

  4. Hey CW, read book one, reading book 2, and it seems like I have a book 1.5 on my Kindle as well? Heh. At any rate, I loved book 1. Left you some reviews in various places. Sent you a link to my blog in case you wanted to see the latest one. Not gonna post it here. Don't want to use your blog to advertise mine. ;)

  5. Hi Gus!
    Sorry to take so long to respond to this. Yeah, I was having complaints that the first book was too long so I tried to make it two. That didn't work too well, so it all went back to the way it was originally. That's why the 1.5 and why it no longer exists.
    I read and joined your blog. I also followed you on goodreads. I appreciate the kind words.